The Rosary

  Meditate on different mysteries on different days of the week:
*Mondays & Thursdays: Five Joyful Mysteries
*Tuesdays & Fridays: Five Sorrowful Mysteries
*Saturdays & Sundays: Five Glorious Mysteries

Regarding the Luminous Mysteries, please see here.

Want to enrich your Rosary meditations? Take a look at these three treasures available online:

(1) St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Methods for Saying the Rosary (
I pray with the Fourth Method, pages 8-14

(2) St. Alphonsus Liguori, The Glories of Mary (

(3) Venerable Mary of Jesus of Ágreda, The Mystical City of God (
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The following is the order of the prayers.
1. In the Name...
2. Apostle's Creed
3. Our Father
4-6. Hail Mary (x3)
7. Glory be
8. O my Jesus

First Decade
9. Announce the First Mystery
10. Our Father
11-20. Hail Mary (x10)
21. Glory be
22. O my Jesus

Second Decade
23. Announce the Second Mystery
24. Our Father
25-34. Hail Mary (x10)
35. Glory be
36. O my Jesus

Third Decade
37. Announce the Third Mystery
38. Our Father
39-48. Hail Mary (x10)
49. Glory be
50. O my Jesus

Fourth Decade
51. Announce the Fourth Mystery
52. Our Father
53-62. Hail Mary (x10)
63. Glory be
64. O my Jesus

Fifth Decade
65. Announce the Fifth Mystery
66. Our Father
67-76. Hail Mary (x10)
77. Glory be
78. O my Jesus

79. Hail, Holy Queen
80. O God
81. In the Name

These are the prayer totals:
Hail Mary: 53
Our Father: 6
Glory be: 6
O my Jesus: 6
In the Name: 2
Apostles' Creed: 1
O God: 1
Hail, Holy Queen: 1

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